Business Development Representative - UK Based

Permanent employee, Full-time · London, UK, Remote (Ireland, UK, Europe)

The mission if you choose to accept it
(Founding) Business Development Representative
The short version:
We're a Series A startup on a mission to transform hospitality operations.
Interested in being our founding BDR and helping our VP of Sales build something amazing? If you thrive in fast-paced environments and want to make a real impact, keep reading!

Where do you come in?
Nory's operating system  is changing the game for restaurants, cafes, and bars bringing AI to an industry that needs to be better tech enabled. Sound exciting?  It gets better!
You'll work closely with Rob to shape our outbound function, build processes, and become a fundamental part of our revenue team.

And here's the best part: we're all about helping you grow. Today's BDR will be tomorrow's Account Executive.
How's that for career progression?

What's in store for you?
First month:
● Master our outbound playbook - from crafting killer emails to nailing customer calls
● Run your own outbound campaigns (with a safety net, of course!)
● Build your own lead-generating machine

Three months in:
● Contribute a whopping 750k to our pipeline (no pressure, right?)
● Become the go-to expert on how Nory's transforming hospitality ops
● Help shape our product roadmap with your on-the-ground insights

Six months and beyond:
● Smash your quotas like it's no big deal
● Fine-tune our outbound process (because who doesn't love efficiency?)
● Start eyeing up that Senior BDR or Junior AE role (we told you we're serious about growth!)
Your profile
Skills you'll need (a.k.a. must-haves):
Ready to apply?
Here's what you'll need:
● A knack for thriving in uncertainty. Why? At Nory, we're always evolving and the skills needed for catch up need to move in tandem. Don't worry though, this is the fun part!
● Communication skills that cut through the noise. Can you craft messages that make busy professionals stop scrolling? That's what we're after. Inboxes are busy, people don't have time. Be the X in the sea of Os.
● Real enthusiasm for transforming how businesses operate - care about improving business performance and obsess over how businesses run.
● Resilience and drive in spades. Sales isn't always smooth sailing, but it gets easier if you're committed to learning. Taking knocks and going again is critical.
● A tech-forward mindset. New tools and strategies? Bring them on! This job is part-sales, part-marketing, part-technologist - you'll need to be comfortable with all 3 parts!

What you can learn here:
Excited about levelling up your skills?
Here's what's in store:
● Master a modern outbound process that'll make your LinkedIn connections jealous.
● Get hands-on experience in scaling a business. We expect outbound to form 50% of our strategy as we scale, this role is about building the foundations to that scale.
● Develop outbound strategies that actually work in a world where buyers are savvier than ever. Being boring doesn't work, creativity and bringing ideas is going to be encouraged from day one.

Why this role might not be a fit:
Let's be real — Nory isn't for everyone.
Here's when you might want to think twice:
● You thrive in a structured, corporate environment. We aim for stability, but we move fast and adapt faster.
● Change makes you uncomfortable. As we grow, your role will evolve. Ready for that kind of adventure?
● You need to always know what to do next. We don't pretend to have all the answers, sometimes we don't even know the questions.
● You don't deal well with rejection. The best people in sales lose more than they win. If being told no a lot affects you, this probably won't be the best fit.

Who you'll be working with:
Rob, our VP of Sales (ex-Segment sales leader), will be your go-to.
We're building a dream team — you'll soon have 2-3 teammates to brainstorm, collaborate, and celebrate wins with. Exciting, right?
Why us?
We're a small(ish) team with big funding and bigger dreams. 
We're not just building a product; we're crafting a company culture that's built to scale globally and be the number 1 player in the hospitality tech world. 

Our Philosophy:
No matter what your job title says, you'll thrive if you've got a customer-first mindset and a hunger to learn about the ins and outs of hospitality. 
Understanding the real challenges our customers face is our purpose whether you're building or selling Nory.

Our Approach:
You'll be chatting with restaurant owners, diving deep into their problems, and you might even uncover some game-changing insights that could shape our next big feature. 
It takes a mix of skills and perspectives to create a hospitality management platform that's truly world-class.

Sound like you? 

Well, grab a seat at our table, because here's what we're serving up:
  • A very competitive base salary of £35-40k p.a. + 100% OTE (and it's uncapped!)
  • All the tech tools you need to work your magic (or do your job whichever comes first)
  • Home office setup or co-working budget (your choice!)
  • 35 days of holiday per year (because life's too short, right?)
  • Annual personal development budget (never stop learning!)
  • Regular workshops and learning sessions (feed that brain of yours)
  • Quarterly events and team get-togethers (work hard, play hard)
  • Health Insurance (because we care about you)
  • Pension (future you will thank us)
  • Stock Options (fancy being a part-owner?)
At Nory, we're not just revolutionising hospitality operations - we're also investing in your growth and success.

Motivated, well-equipped BDRs are the driving force behind our mission to transform the industry!

Ready to seize this opportunity? Hit that apply button and let's create something extraordinary together!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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